Spanish 101

Buenas noches!

I am taking up a basic Spanish class in the University of the Philippines this semester and I am enjoying it a lot. I find mastering the different conjugations to be very difficult but I like the fact that I can sometimes understand the context of Spanish statements because Filipino has many words that have Spanish origins.

I love learning about different cultures. There’s something exciting about knowing the differences and similarities of my culture with others. I am very lucky to have experienced a cultural class with students from at least 20 countries during my exchange program in NTU, Singapore a year ago. Truly, there are many things you can only learn by experience. Life is good. I’ll probably share my experiences during the exchange program another time.

Maybe it was a good thing that I got delayed because of the exchange program. Now, I have the chance to take classes I’ve always been curious about. My major is BS Industrial Engineering. I am not sure if you can imagine how quantitative my course is. Last semester, I took classes in Psychology and Mandarin. It’s quite tough studying things from other fields when you’ve been so engrossed about one particular field for a long time. I was hoping to go on to the next level in Mandarin but I felt like I did not have enough foundation. Don’t get me wrong, my Mandarin class was fun and memorable but I did not learn much in terms of the language itself. However, I learned a lot from the experiences of my Mandarin professor.

Because of this, I am trying my luck in Spanish and I have no regrets! I am loving Spanish and I am hoping to take Spanish 11 next semester. I’ll be practicing Spanish starting with my next blog entry so if you find anything wrong, please comment away. I would appreciate tips and corrections!

Muchas gracias!


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  1. TBM

    Good luck with the class.



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