Grammar Check!

Thanks to the internet, I can easily check grammar rules almost instantly.

1. Slim Chance and Fat Chance

Slim chance means there is still a small probability that “it” can happen. Whereas, fat chance means there is no way that “it” can happen.

2. Close or Closed Minded?

As opposed to open minded, my English 30 professor said the right one to use is close minded.

3. Preposition after “results”

Apparently, the right preposition that proceeds the word “results” is in. (e.g. The experiment results in…)

4. On behalf and In behalf

When you are speaking to represent a person or a group of people, you must use “on behalf.” On behalf of my organization, I would like to thank you all. However, if you are pertaining to the benefit of something (e.g. donate), the right phrase to use is “in behalf.” We made the donations in behalf of the victims of the tsunami.


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One comment

  1. TBM

    Oh grammar, it can be fun and yet so irritating!



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