Commuting to Roxas Boulevard and Greenhills

The only thing I needed to do yesterday was to attend the PIIE annual quiz show (which UP Diliman bagged for the fourth time yesterday). I could have taken the easy way by going to the south and availing of the free transportation my parents will give me; however, there was something inside of me that wanted to try commuting to Roxas Boulevard on my own. I took the harder way and I learned a lot. That’s the difference between living in my house in the south and with my brothers in the north.


North vs South

I love the south. Nothing beats the comfort of my home. In my area, I believe there is less pollution and I am able to find more peace. I can actually stare outside the house, look at the sky and hear birds chirping. When our water tank used to leak, birds would usually line up along the railings of the tank to drink and wet themselves as if the leak were like a waterfall. Amazing and I wish I took a picture. (haha!)

For me, the challenge I have living in the north and south is my mobility. I don’t drive yet so I have more constraints. In the south, there are less jeeps and tricycles. There are no trains nearby. My point is, it is hard to go to places on my own. Whenever I’m in the south and I need to go somewhere, I have my parents to help  fix a way for me since I don’t drive yet (which I must do before April 26!). It may seem hassle-free but I don’t like having my parents do these kinds of things for me. (haha!) In the north, the public transportation system is more established relative to the south, that is. There are cabs, buses, trains, tricycles and jeeps almost everywhere. So if I want to go somewhere on my own, I have many options. The challenge is conquering the places and doing things on my own.

I learn more whenever I’m in the north because I am able to step out of my comfort zone. It is in these moments when values are discovered, realized and instilled. There are, of course, consequences to doing things on my own and the trade off is usually with my own resources (hehe!), but then again nothing beats life discoveries.

Now, I am tired. I miss the south!


Commuting to Roxas Boulevard

It’s not particularly easy getting to Pasay for issues such as accessibility and security. Taking Roxas Boulevard as my destination, the nearest stations are from the LRT-1 or Taft of the MRT. It is not exactly near because you will still have to take other modes of transportation to get to your final destination. In addition, there is also the issue of traffic which is the major issue for people with cars. As for security, Pasay is not exactly the place where you can just stroll around. It is a place where you should be wary of people and belongings.

There are two ways to get to Roxas Boulevard and I’m still not sure whether I took the easier way. I forgot to expect the worst so there were moments when I was taken aback by what I was in for. In my chosen route, I rode the train to Recto, transferred to D. Jose and alighted at EDSA station. For fear of more scary surprises, I took the easiest way to Roxas Boulevard from there – the cab! I got stressed because I was alone but it was definitely a learning experience – it always is whenever I ride LRT-1. I swore I wasn’t taking the reverse route to get home. (haha!)


Official Start of Birthday Celebration

Going back, I decided to ride the MRT instead. Not that the situation was any different, but to me, the kind of people who ride the MRT are different and more tolerable. To start my official birthday celebration (The Big Day), I went around Forever 21 in Makati. Not that I bought many things, I got myself new accessories and enjoyed looking at the clothes most people are wearing nowadays – the loose, sheer and layered. I kinda regret not taking this particular dress that I liked 😦 I then decided that I wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon in Greenhills.


Commuting to Greenhills

Mr. Go offered to pick me up from where I was at but I decided to spare him of the hassle even though I was tired and I was having my monthly cramps, if you know what I mean. We talked about the most optimal point we could meet and that was Santolan-Annapolis station of MRT. I wanted to take a more familiar route but I challenged myself to alight at Santolan-Annapolis. I consider this an achievement because of my paranoia about security. Lo and behold! Now I can go to Greenhills on my own. I always thought it was difficult going there. To life discoveries! I had fun running errands and going around with Mr. Go today.


Mind you, all that commuting wasn’t easy. When Mr. Go dropped me off in my north-home, I crashed and slept because of exhaustion from traveling and my monthly cramps. =)) To a 6-hr nap! That ends my journey “today.”


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