Thank you, Moro!

Due to unforeseen events, I had to avail of the services of Moro Lorenzo Sports Complex in Ateneo de Manila University. It is located beside Ateneo High School.

I must say that everyone was very nice, approachable and warm. Good job with Moro service! The bathroom was very clean and spacious. I didn’t see a strand of hair! The shower cubicle is about 3×1.5 sq meters in dimension. They provide both hot and cold water. I especially love the rain shower head! It looks something like this:

As I was searching for an image of a rain shower head, I saw this massaging shower head. I wonder what it feels like to use one. (haha!)

If you’re interested, Moro rates are: PhP 50.00/oval&shower, PhP 60.00/shower.

Thank you kuya guard for being so friendly. Thank you Mr. Go for being there! 🙂


About Mariel Tan

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  1. ayka pawitan

    I love that kind of shower head! Sinasabihan ko nga dad namin na ganyang shower head gusto namin ni ate :))


  2. Super nice noh? Parang waterfalls. =)) HAHAHA Happy Birthdaaaaaaaay ❤



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