Happy at 23!

I am celebrating life at 23. Thank you, Lord, for the 23 wonderful years. I am very grateful for being blessed with my family and friends. Thank you for all the opportunities that you have given me. I only wish to be the best person I can be so I can serve You more. I pray for happiness and good health. Life is good!

February is usually one of my toughest months in UP. It’s that time of the year when work piles up and exams are scheduled consecutively. I find it difficult celebrating my birthday with many people, so I celebrate it the best way I can – with my family. This year, I  had an exam scheduled on my birthday. Mind you, that subject is muy muy dificil! Fortunately, everything fell into place. I earned a satisfactory grade for that exam and I had three official days of celebration (I consider it official because  I celebrate February as a birthday month! hahaha!).

Day 1: February 19, 2012

There’s no such thing as too much chocolate when you’re in Xocolat.


Wearing my new earrings from F21.

Who is Mr. Go? 🙂

That Xocolat Cake

I love this cake! You cannot miss this when you’re in Xocolat. DROOOOL!

Xocolat is beautiful.

I love the atmosphere in Xocolat. I love the artsy feel of the place.

Xocolat Fries

I think I’ve mentioned my love for potatoes. Here’s to chocolate and curry fries!

Homemade Xocolat Iced Tea

I enjoyed the iced tea with chocolate essence. It was refreshing!

Can't get enough of Xocolat.

I can’t deny the fact that I enjoyed the chocolate meals we ordered.

Day 2: February 20, 2012

To more food and IE 143 exam!

Breakfast after hearing mass.

Rainy birthday 🙂

It was a very cozy day. It would have been nice to just sleep all day but I had an evening exam to think about.

Jollibee's Large Fries and Two-Piece Chicken Meal

This was Henry’s birthday surprise for me before the exam. ❤ I have quite an appetite.

Day 3: February 21, 2012

Celebrating my birthday with my family – that’s a wrap!

We ate in Omakase. All I really wanted to eat was Gyudon and Sashimi. Achieved!

Thanks, Achi 🙂

Cake 1 from Starbucks

Cake 2 from Starbucks

Cake 3 from Starbucks

There’s no such thing as too much cakes. (haha!) Life is good!


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  1. YUM! 🙂 Belated Happy Birthday, Mariel!



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