Review: Xocolat

Xocolat – The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

Address: Casa Xocolat – 172 B. Gonzales St., Katipunan, Quezon City

Xocolat is one of my favorite restaurants in Katipunan. I love the ambiance and their good number of options from starters to desserts. Starting my birthday celebration in Xocolat was just perfect. I’ve eaten here a number of times but I’ll just mention a few that I had in Xocolat recently.

Xocolat Fries  ( PhP 95.00)

I’ve eaten a lot of potatoes in my life and Xocolat’s Xocolat Fries just made it to my Top 10 restaurants with great potato dishes. I wasn’t really expecting fries with a twist because the description just says: Thick handcut fries doused with our secret spice rub. Perfect with tangy aioli dip. You can just imagine my surprise when I had in front of me a dish of chocolate potatoes with a funky smell.

The Xocolat Fries definitely has a secret spice rub because I can’t tell all the ingredients of the coating. I’m just sure there are chocolate and funny spices that resemble that of curry and maybe cayenne pepper. I’m not really sure. I’m not a spice expert. The aioli dip was a perfect dip to the sweet and spicy fries. It was tangy with a bit of garlic essence. Kudos to Xocolat for this wonderful dish which I really enjoyed!

That Xocolat Cake (PhP 95/slice. PhP 695/whole)

It’s Xocolat’s deep dark chocolate cake for the absolute chocoholic. You’re missing a lot if you go to Xocolat and not order even a slice of this cake. You can have it served cold or warm. The warm option is very intense because they drizzle it with extra chocolate. This is one of my favorite chocolate cakes. I like it’s intensely sweet chocolate concoction. It’s not the type of cake I’d eat every day but I’d really want to have it on important occasions. It’s definitely That Xoco Cake!

Homemade Iced Lemon Tea (PhP 65.00)

They say that the iced tea of Xocolat has chocolate essence. I couldn’t really tell as I ate chocolate meals with it. I just know their iced tea was a good combination to the fries and cake I ordered. I’ll tell you next time if it really has chocolate in it! I wouldn’t be surprised if it has!


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