Review: Chicken Charlie

Chicken Charlie offers products in line with that of Manang’s and Bonchon’s. At the moment, this is my ranking for the three restaurants: Manang’s > Chicken Charlie > Bonchon. You might be wondering why.

In terms of size, Chicken Charlie comes second to Manang’s relative to their price. You might want to check out the new value meals they offer when you go to their restaurant (the flyer I had did not have such information). Their Value Meal A (1-pc chicken meal) is priced at PhP 83.00 while their Value Meal B (2-pc chicken meal) is priced at PhP 135.00. It may seem cheaper compared to Manang’s but the size of the chicken is smaller.

To note, the iced tea that comes with the meal has strawberry or cherry essence. To some, like me, these flavors remind me of medicine which you can grow to love only after a while. Plus points to Chicken Charlie for offering one of my favorite types of potatoes (wedges at PhP 49.00)!!!

The branch I went to is in the 2/F Oracle Building, 317 Katipunan Avenue. It may be a little difficult to find because you’ll see Serenitea and Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak first. It seems like some students do their work in Chicken Charlie.

Here are some pictures of the Katipunan branch.

1-pc Chicken Meal

2-pc Chicken Meal

Potato Wedges

Iced Tea

"Random" Customer

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