Review: Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is probably known for serving their ice cream upside down, else it’s free. It’s good to know my ice cream won’t melt quickly! To note, I’ve never seen the Dairy Queen Katipunan branch empty. (hehe!) Of all the products of DQ, I particularly love their ice cream sandwich and Kitkat Blizzard!

DQ Sandwich

I don’t remember how much one DQ sandwich is but the pack of 6 is about PhP 199.00. I love the idea of ice cream sandwich because I like cookies. It’s great that I can have both the ice cream and cookie in one. I don’t eat ice cream fast like my mother so it’s a good thing that it doesn’t melt fast.

9 oz Kit Kat Blizzard

The 9 oz Kit Kat Blizzard is priced at PhP 69.00. I love the crunchy Kit Kat surprise in every bite! DROOOL! It’s too much goodness in a cup!


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  1. I suddenly want one now! 😀


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