Review: Breakfast Special

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day. Unfortunately, when I’ve had an exhausting evening, I usually choose sleep over breakfast especially when I need to prepare the meal myself. My favorite breakfast usually includes rice, egg and a viand (bangus, bacon, or some tasty viand).

Let me feature two of my favorite breakfast meals – rice-egg-tapa (or commonly known as tapsilog here in the Philippines) and rice-egg-tocino.

This Beef Tapa (image above) is from Pancake House. It’s one of the Filipino Favorites under the “Breakfast Anytime” Corner of Pancake House. It costs about PhP 196.00. The egg is quite bland so you have to season it yourself. However, the beef tapa is very tasty. It goes well with the garlic rice. To some, this can be a bit pricey.

I’m also featuring this tocino meal from Sonja’s Kitchenette. It’s the mini restaurant (cafeteria style) of Prince David. It’s quite popular for its home cooked and affordable meals. They also sell snacks and supplies, definitely a competitor of 7eleven which is just in Burgundy, a building right beside Prince David. For it’s price of PhP 65.00, it’s good enough!


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