Choose To Be

We may be born under different circumstances but it is our choices that define who we are. However, after taking up some cultural class last year in NTU, I  learned that it is not just our choices that define who we are. We are influenced greatly by our environment – culture and people.

One person told me before to read all kinds of books so I can learn  many things – when I say all, I mean ALL, even those that can teach me things that are in conflict with my principles. I do not agree with this advice. Even though we try to filter out the things we learn, if we expose ourselves to things that are not right, it is inevitable to some degree that we are going to adapt things we wished not to initially. Be careful with what you expose yourself. At some point, you may gain knowledge by knowing all the things that are out there, but you have to be able to draw the line so you don’t end up picking up the wrong things.



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