When Friends Snap by MWFSeekingBFF

In my few months as a WordPress user, I have made an effort to find and follow blogs that I can relate to. Among the blogs I follow, I can honestly say that there are only a few that I really love. Maybe in time, I’ll be able to find the “right” community for me. At the moment, I am very proud of my newest find, MWF Seeking BFF. Let me quote the most recent post – When Friends Snap. I find the post very interesting  because I can  relate! In my opinion, I think it doesn’t matter what fighting style each one of us has because personally, I seem to employ different styles at different moods and to different people. I believe the resolution comes with maturity, respect for the other and understanding.

When Friends Snap

Fighting with friends is a pretty big rarity for me these days. I might make a snappy remark I’m not proud of every now and then (for which I totally blame Tired and Hungry), but a true fight doesn’t really happen. But back in the day, during the drama-filled elementary and middle school years, and even sometimes in high school or college, there were fights. Some that lasted a couple of hours, and a few that went on for months. (In fourth grade my BFF got made at me, twice, and didn’t speak to me for a full month at a time. Twice. Not that I’m holding a grudge or anything…)

What’s interesting though is how different people have different fighting styles. Some girls are confrontational, others passive aggressive. Some are peacemakers, others instigators. I’ve known girls who’ve had all-out screaming matches, and others who’ve stopped talking to each other entirely. There is absolutely no part of me that wishes to be a teenager again.

In considering those fights, it strikes me that it was always hardest when the two “opponents” had different fighting styles. Like that fight in fourth grade. I was a talker. I wanted to have a conversation about our issues (and I use that term generously as we were 9 years old) and understand what I did wrong so that I could apologize. Or not. She was an “I am going to punish you for all your wrongdoings by never speaking to you again and never telling you why I’m never speaking to you” type.

And then, if memory serves, one day she started talking to me again and all was ok (until the next round, of course).

When you have different fighting styles, I imagine it’s  harder for BFFs to resolve problems. If one wants to scream and one marches off because she wants no part of it, how do you move forward? Pals with similar styles—whether they need to sit down and  hash it out,  separate to cool off, or just simply scream and get it out—probably have a better chance of getting past whatever’s going on.

I’m wondering if this is one of the great unspoken secrets of long-lasting friendship. If the besties who make it to the decade mark do so because they “fight right” or, really, fight right for each other.


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