Tweets from TheGoogleFacts!

Thank you, TheGoogleFacts, for these wonderful tweets which I just have to share.

Google Fact 1: 99% people try to accomplish something before the microwave reaches zero.

  • I am a victim of this. I tend to multitask or speed up my tasks from the moment I start the timer of the microwave until it alarms. Sometimes, when I’m so OC and I finish this particular task I set, I watch the microwave until it finishes. #OC

Google Fact 2: Go to Google Images -> Type -> ‘Prison Of Norway’. You will wish to do a crime and get arrested.

  • For real? I just had to check. Prison of Norway is wonderful – if it’s true!

Google Fact 3: When we sleep while hugging one pillow, we actually wish it to be the person we miss and love the most.

  • Enough said.

Google Fact 4: Single women are more attracted to men who are taken than to those who are available.

Google Fact 5: The names of characters in Inception are: (D)om, (R)obert, (E)ames, (A)rthur, (M)al, (S)aito. = DREAMS.

Google Fact 6: 93% of the people type “LOL” with a completely blank expression on their face.

Google Fact 7: Go to your iPhone/iPod/iPad, open up Safari, and search for ’tilt’. The results will look like they are tilted a bit to the right.

Google Fact 8: The wedding ring goes on the left ring finger, because it is the only finger with a vein that connects to a heart.

Google Fact 9: No word in the English language rhymes with orange, month, silver and purple.

Google Fact 10: ‘Bookkeeper’ is the only word in the English language with 3 consecutive sets of double letters.

Google Fact 11: Studies shows: Twitter and Facebook users have lower grades than non-users.

  • I must say, it can be pretty distracting. haha!

Google Fact 12: 91% of people calculates how much time passed, based on songs listened.

  • I do this! I keep calculating! o.O

Google Fact 13: Lazy fact #754839597238204, You were too lazy to read that number.

  • I’m lazy!

Google Fact 14: Twilight was rejected fourteen times before publication.

  • Interesting! I only read the first book to know what people were raving about. I read the book until the end because I felt bad for paying for the book. (haha!) I’m sorry. I’m not a fan of the series but I’m for Team Jacob. (haha!)

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