Additional Things Guys Like But Won’t Tell You

This is really funny – and true? It’s interesting how my first installment about this topic earned many views. I’m going to quote the additions of Akago Kitsune from this post.

Following are additional Things Guys like But Won’t Tell You.

  • Ear nibbles
  • Kisses along the shell of his ear
  • Scalp massages
  • Shoulder and neck rubs
  • Compliments

Generally, it’s a safe bet that if you like something, your guy will like it, too.

Guys, you don’t need to explain. (hahaha!)


About Mariel Tan

Artist at heart who shares the spice in her life. Visit my blogs:


  1. Wow now that I think about it…it’s true! haha lightly scratching his back could also be on the list 😛



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