Yoga – zzzz!

This is a really funny post by Girl on the Contrary. She was talking about her dilemma on whether to wake people up from dozing off during her yoga class. I must say, that thought crossed my mind when I took yoga as PE. Actually, I also had that fear of falling asleep myself. (haha!)

I’m not a fan of yoga. I know I may have already implied a number of times in my previous posts that I am a control freak, simply put. However, I don’t do well controlling all the tension by not moving at all or staying in a very difficult position. I prefer activities where I can move, release or express my emotions, whether it be through a performance, exercise or writing. I still have to work on REALLY letting go – a major problem I had in ballet. (haha!) Come to think of it, I never fully let go in ballet for fear of getting an injury.

I admire a lot of people who have great minds but I also admire people who have risked a lot to invest in their body – not that I’m saying their physical activity is not a mental game, because it also is!

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