The Real To Do List

Thank you very much to Mommy OM for this wonderful post.

Most of the blogs I’m following are talking about spring – and spring cleaning. I just did my own version of “spring cleaning” (summer cleaning) to start my transition to summer, which is not exactly a break to me – I’m not complaining. I never really learned to throw away many of my things when I was younger. I remember keeping all my test papers and handouts in neat folders, filed away neatly in our study room. It was when I experienced being an exchange student twice and having to travel back and forth from the south to north for college when I learned to let go and throw away material things.

I have to move on and make way (or literally, make space) for new things in my life. I know I am forgetful. I don’t remember all the details of my experiences but I am not complaining because I don’t regret all my new memories and realizations. Life is good!

Actually, come to think of it, my paranoid self learned to keep soft copies of everything to cope with having to throw away things. (haha!) That statement just contradicted the point I was trying to make in this entry. (hahaha!)

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One comment

  1. TBM

    I have a hard time throwing stuff away as well. I still have cards from when I was in high school–and that was a long time ago. I love the to do list!



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