Container Gardening for English 30

I know I have no right to complain about the second semester that just passed because I have more liberty as compared to my batchmates taking the regular set of subjects but I think it was the toughest semester yet. Though I am quite jealous of my batchmates who will formally graduate this coming April 22, I wish them all the best as they start a new phase of their life. As for me, I will be taking the next semesters head on!

Last semester, I experienced a new type of community service – nutrition and container gardening.

I didn’t think I’d be able to experience something like this because I am not affiliated with any health organization. I am truly grateful for this experience which was a requirement for my English 30 class under Ma’am Teresita Isidro.

You’re probably wondering what the relation of this community service is to English 30. Actually, we only applied our English 30 lessons in our letter-writing for permits. Other than that, the activity just made the class united which really helped in the rest of our activities in class, most especially, the video resume.

What exactly was the event about? The event was entitled, Magtanim ay Kaya Mo (“You Can Plant”). The purpose of the event was to educate the Jocson Community in Xavierville about container gardening in response to food crisis and livelihood development. With the help of Pan Alpha, we were also able to give a short nutrition workshop for the mothers who participated in the event.

Thanks to the committee in charge of procuring the container gardening materials, we were able to give the mothers a complete planting set. It included a manual, plastic pot, some gardening tools, recycled plastic containers, soil and seeds. Good job, Chindee! She hurt herself while preparing the stuff to be included in the kits 😦

To add to the nutrition workshop, we also demonstrated the planting procedures of the seeds we gave them so that the seeds won’t go to waste. We were really glad that the mothers were very eager to learn as they responded actively in the games.

As part of the entertainment segments, we presented a play and a song and dance number. I’m usually part of the production team in plays, but this time, I played the lead role with Renz. It was really funny although I don’t think I’m every doing that again… unless I am the last resort. (haha!) Some of my classmates played the lyre!

It was also my first time to assist in an interview that was semi professional since I had classmates in film. It may have been a short recording stint where I held the microphone for the interviewee but it was definitely an experience. I have more respect for film majors now!

We ended the event with a hearty lunch. Thank you, Ma’am Isidro for this wonderful experience (and the uno :DDD)!

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