DIY Skylights Plastic Bottles

Thank you very much to for this wonderful post about Plastic Bottle Light. Let me quote the blog entry.

Check out this wonderfully simple design that turns a plastic bottle and a little bit of bleach into a “light bulb” powered by the sun.
I’m stunned by the beautiful simplicity of this wonderful idea.

Cut a hole in a developing world roof big enough for a plastic soda bottle to fit snugly into. Fill a bottle with water and a little bleach and set it halfway into the hole cap side up.

Voila, you now have a daytime light bulb. The sunshine is diffused by the water in the bottle and kicks off the light equivalent to a 50 watt bulb that costs nothing to run.

It’s terrifically designed- it uses simple, abundant materials found everywhere that cost little to no money, and it can be assembled by anyone with a few simple tools and a few minutes of training. And it makes people’s lives better. Perfect.

This was originally developed by MIT students. What is cool?


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  1. Ayka

    This is so cool Mariel! 😀



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