Semi-Legit Driver

I finally have my driver’s license! I was so worried that I would miss the deadline because my student’s permit expires this coming April 24 and I don’t exactly have many half-days to spare, so I forced myself to get the license last Tuesday! After about 4 hours of processing and tests, VOILA! I have a driver’s license! I’m a semi-legit driver as I am only an amateur.

My original plan was to go to the Land and Transportation Office (LTO) early so I would be sure to finish processing my documents. Well, I wasn’t able to wake up in time because I decided to extend my sleep after submitting IE 142 paper at 5am. My brother told me to go to the afternoon to start the processing, at the least.

I submitted the completely filled out form for a new driver’s license together with a photocopy of my school ID and original student’s permit. I then proceeded to getting my Medical Examination and Drug Test (PhP 400). After which, I submitted a validation of these tests and proceeded to the lecture room where I studied the signs and the reviewer provided for the written exam (PhP 168). The geek in me wanted to finish reviewing but the person handling the tests called me to take the test. I just proceeded and hoped to God that I’d pass the test because I cannot afford to fail. The test was pretty manageable considering I was only able to review half of the items in the reviewer. I guess the tough part was answering the test in Filipino. I passed the written and practical exam then waited for results and the released license (PhP 418). I’m so glad that’s over!

I think I look a little angry in my driver’s license below. I wasn’t exactly angry but I was too tired to smile because it was taking them so long to take my picture. I just kept staring at the webcam until it was over. Mr. Go and my sister said I can pass a prison. (haha!) If you saw my student’s permit then you’d probably agree that this is better.

I also renewed my passport recently and Mr. Go prefers my passport picture over my license. (hahaha!)

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