Review: Cyma

Last March 7, 2012, my mom was so nice to drive me to my interview farther south. When it was over, we drove north and had a date in Cyma, Eastwood. It was quite packed as early as 11:30AM but we fortunately got a table for two. I guess it was memorable sitting so close to a group of 7 old women who were all well-dressed from head to toe. Half of them had really large dangling earrings that pull your ears because of the weight. All of them had necklaces. Most of them had a lot of bangles and rings. What struck me the most was the make up! I wonder if I’ll be like that in the future. (haha!)

Seeing that group of women got me thinking how I dress up myself and realized that it really matters when I exert effort to look good every day for myself. We have to love ourselves and do everything we can to keep it healthy and looking good.

What did we have in Cyma?

It wasn’t the first time that my mom ate in Cyma so we had a good idea of what and how much to order for two people. We were just planning to order a salad and a main dish but the waiter was selling the appetizers very well so we gave in. (haha!) He was so eager that it was already funny – well, it got us ordering more!

We started off with some mezedes  while waiting for our salad and main dish.

When Greeks go to the neighborhood restaurant, most often, they start with a plate filled with exquisite little treats called Mezedes. The word is translated as “appetizers” and means “something small and delicate”.

Source: Cyma Restaurants | MENU

 We ordered the Hummus (PhP 125) that had velvety chickpea, tahini and garlic dip. It was actually too much for two people but it was definitely a good treat to start our meal. I guess I chose the safe starter! I was trying to avoid some green herb (which I forget) that is popular in Greek food.

The salad arrived. We ordered the Roka Salata (Solo PhP 330) which had fresh arugula (ROKA), chopped romaine lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, candied walnuts, with shaved parmesan in Traditional Greek Vinaigrette. I wasn’t expecting this great of a salad because I wasn’t sure of the combination in the description found in their menu. I loved the combination of sun-dried tomatoes and candied walnuts afterall! This is definitely a good substitute to the usual salads with meat that I order.

What really filled us was this dish! For our main dish, we ordered Hirine Brizol (PhP 450) which is a 0.75 inch-thick grilled pork chop, served with rice stuffed peppers or Greek roasted potatoes. This is one of my mom’s favorite dishes. She loves how tender the meat is. I may have preferred the Greek roasted potatoes over the rice stuffed peppers because the rice was too mushy for me. This dish seems healthy because of its preparations. Try it!

Follow this link to check out their website.


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