Review: Sunrise Buckets

Thanks to Mr. Go, I was able to try this great place in Greenhills last March 23. You’re in for a treat especially if you are in to chicken and lots of flavor. They offer a variety of dishes and flavors of chicken that will make you stop for a while as you choose because almost everything sounds great.

I really can’t say what my favorite dish is yet since it was my first time but I’ll surely have one because it’s something I’ll definitely visit again! I found the ambiance very refreshing having gone to a surfer-vibe resto for the first time. There’s something very youthful and unique about the place. I guess we were very fortunate to have found parking and a table at the time we went there.

We ordered the 1-pound Sunrise Original for PhP 295 and Wild Rice for PhP60. I ate about 1/3 of the chicken wings which was enough for me. Mr. Go, being the chicken lover, ate the rest. 🙂 You might want to try another version of the rice because the combination of flavors from the chicken and rice that we chose was a little bit contrasting for me.

The surfer vibe!

We tried these imported beer for about PhP 125 each. Quite pricey for me because I’d rather eat but it was a good experience. No after-taste from cheap beer! (hahaha!)

To end this post, I would like to share the last meal we ate, Nachos Overload for PhP 165. This is what my friend, Kim, considers post-modern – having appetizer for dessert. I love their nachos! At first I thought the cheese was bland but it eventually grew on me. This amount of nachos usually gives me the sick feeling after eating a lot but the combination of their version was incredible! Simple but memorable!

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