Mandarin or Spanish?

I don’t know what language I’m focusing on next semester. I’m torn between Mandarin and Spanish. Actually, I am more inclined to take Spanish 11. However, the idea that China is a growing super power is haunting me. Of course I want to learn a language that would be both fun to learn and useful in the future.

I want Mandarin because it is more useful in the future but it is not exactly fun to learn. I have a hard time taking in the different characters – and that’s just Mandarin, one of the many versions of the language! I want to learn Mandarin because it may be useful in my future career. China’s economy seems to have a bright future ahead. It’s famous banks have been funding many developed countries. However, the country shows poor human development; and we know that humans are an important resource of a country.

On the other hand, I enjoy learning Spanish. There is much familiarity because some Filipino words have Spanish origins. On the downside, Europe isn’t exactly the booming region at the moment. Europe may be the place I want to spend vacation in because of its rich history, but it’s not a place I can imagine myself to settle in.

Dilemma! I have until May to decide!


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