Compelling Modern Sherlock

To Sherlock!

I’m currently a Sherlock addict. As an addict, I’m so happy that this show was made just right for a TV series. At the same time, I’m quite glad that there are only a few episodes for each season, else, I wouldn’t have made time for other things in my life. (haha!) I must tell you that each episode lasts for an hour and a half, just like a movie! So what do I love about this show?

1. Modern Setting

In contrast to the original Sherlock setting, the show was made to have a modern twist which makes the show relatable and interesting. Laptops, cabs and smart phones were used throughout the first episodes of Season 1 – haven’t finished watching the rest. There is still some degree of backwardness if you compare it with CSI but the technology is enough for me. It makes Sherlock awesome that way.

2. Great Characters

For these kinds of shows, I believe it is important to pick artists who look pleasant. By pleasant, I mean, they don’t exactly look gorgeous that will make the audience focus on the looks of the characters and lose the point of solving the mystery. So far, I think Benedict Cumberbatch has done well in the episodes I’ve watched. He was able to portray a kind of weirdness that is compelling to watch.

3. English Accent

Don’t judge me. There’s just something about the accent that is soothing to the ears. (haha!)

4. The Right Degree of Mystery for a TV Show

As a TV series, I think it is important that Sherlock cracks the mystery to a level that majority of the audience understand and not leave them intellectually and emotionally overwhelmed like Inception. I believe this is one of the major things that has made Sherlock sustainable as a TV show. If you’ve watched any episode, you would feel fulfillment in understanding the build up of the mystery because it is gradually explained throughout the show.

5. Inspiration to Watch, Read, and Write

Watching Sherlock inspires me to watch, read and write substantial things ❤ To Sherlock!

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