It gets better in Sherlock Season 2.


Yesterday, I blogged about Sherlock after watching a great Season 1. It’s such a great show that it earned the first TV series review in my Dolce Vita. After watching the first episode of Season 2 today, I was sure that the series gets better in Season 2. You just can’t tell when it’s Sherlock Holmes and that’s why it’s so captivating.

It’s so fascinating how they were able to create a love affair or a romantic twist to the firm and brilliant Sherlock. As you watch it, you feel like you know what’s going to happen next but then you’re suddenly proven wrong by the sudden twists and turns of the story. I love the cliffhanger and the mystery!

I must add that the character of The Woman is very interesting. This character, Irene Adler, makes you wonder who Sherlock really is. You just look for the moments when he’s going to smile or laugh because you know he’s on top of the game once again.



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