Preparing for the Next Phase

It’s such a relief to know that my next few steps after graduation have been set. In eight weeks, I’ll be starting the next phase of my life where I will transition to making a living and maybe, if it’s God’s will, to raise a family. Everything is falling in place. I sometimes think that all this is too good to be true because almost all that I wished for in the past has come true.

I know that the job I will be officially signing for will be tough but I hope I will love it like I thought I loved it last summer where I had an opportunity to have a taste of the stress that I would love take. What used to be thoughts on what organization I would join in college and fears of making friends and doing well in academics are now transitioning to budgeting, livelihood, family and investments. This is reality and I am very thankful of how my parents brought me up to think this way.

I would like to face the future with much optimism and courage to take risks. Life is good!


About Mariel Tan

Artist at heart who shares the spice in her life. Visit my blogs:


  1. ebbiw

    Such good news! Congrats!



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