Throw the Junk

I’ve been feeding myself a lot of junk for the past few months. I mean that both literally and figuratively. I need to get back to feeding myself the good stuff – building the right routines again.

1. The Right Food

I need to go back to the times when I cooked vegetables and ate wheat bread. I started that one again yesterday when I bought one of my favorite veggies to cook, Baguio beans! I need to stop snacking on the unhealthy salty snacks, making excuses that it gives me comfort. I know it gives me a lot of comfort, but I need to find better options for myself. For one thing, I don’t go out of my way to buy fries anymore! That’s an achievement. I can probably resort to nuts and fruits.

2. Balance Between TV Shows and Books

For the past few months, my happy place has been watching TV shows. I’ve been watching loads of TV shows and I must say not all are really good. I can probably count through my fingers how many are entertaining and ‘useful.’ I tried downloading apps with free books but those were of no good as well. I need to regularly read the right stuff! The links are just on my dashboard, I just need the initiative to peruse through the news. I have loads of books in the pile as well – again, I just need the initiative. It just takes a good book to get me on track.

3. Where has exercise gone?

I haven’t jogged for two months! My jogging clothes are growing cobwebs. This is not good at all. I’m thankful that I haven’t gotten sick – with the right sleep that I’m getting, though I need to move and burn off the excess calories. I shall soon get back on that track now that the storm of work has gone. I can now make time.

4. Good Conversations

I need to surround myself with people I want to be. I’m tired of these conversations about gossip and judgement. No offense. Recently, I’ve seen the change in me. I remember the times when I was more patient and cheerful to people. Is it because I don’t see those kinds of people around me anymore? I want to be a better person. I need a role model too.


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