Studying in ROC

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been used to studying alone or with a few people at home. I’ve been confined to a room to study or work for the longest time so I’m not used to seeing many people around me when I work. I get distracted easily when I’m outside because I tend to observe what the others are doing, making it so much harder to focus on my own business. It definitely came as a surprise to me when I enjoyed a brief work night last Tuesday with my friend at Restaurant of Choice or ROC at UP Diliman’s Bahay ng Alumni.

Usually, during the first fifteen minutes of work, I’d notice something irritating about the environment – let’s disregard the fact that the ventilation can be improved on and that you’ll smell like ROC after. The seats were great, the lighting was just right for me and the busyness of the atmosphere was just enough for me to be able to focus. In other words, I enjoyed!

The food was acceptable too, a little bit pricey for what they offer though.

This is ROC’s Rolled Lasagna priced at PhP 188. The rolled pasta had the tomato sauce, sour cream, mozzarella and ground beef. Being a lasagna fan, I’ve had better but this would pass.

This is ROC’s Tsokolate priced at PhP 62. It’s hot chocolate made out of real cocoa. I enjoyed this one! I think I’ll start trying different hot chocolates from now on. I know the one in Seattle’s is of no good, if I remember it right.


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