Comfort Food

I’m that girl – the one who resorts to comfort food at times of stress. At the point when I’m super bloated, I just know I’m very stressed when I don’t feel even an ounce of guilt. Tonight, I indulged once again by eating loads of snacks on top of my heavy dinner. The bloated feeling felt justified. The semester has been tough but I believe this is one of the most significant peaks. Usually, when I have so many things to do, I just imagine how I’m going to do it again and again, and eventually, everything becomes manageable. Tonight, though I have reached the calm point, I still can’t imagine how I’m finishing everything. One comforting thought is knowing that God won’t give me anything I cannot handle. I can and it will be done!

I’m just glad that despite the amount of work, I actually like what I’m doing. There were some tasks during the semester that I did not like to take, but most of it, I loved. I may rant about things but I love most of the things I do. The bloated feeling is worth it. Life is good!

At the moment, this is my physical state. haha!


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