Inspired by Awkward

I’m inspired to write again. A bit of me feels like I got influenced by watching the first season of Awkward. Last month, I noticed how poor my writing was and I realized it was because I wrote less. I tried to go back to my journal but there’s something more exhilarating about writing things in my blog. I’m still very careful about what I share though because there is nothing private online however private half of my posts are nowadays.

You might want to try watching Awkward. The market is probably for the teens but there’s some degree of relatability that I enjoyed way more than Suburgatory, which I’m not following anymore. It’s about a high school kid’s life going through some awkward situations, or so they make it seem. haha! You’ll see the usual high school issues in this show such as friendship, sex and relationships. She’s illegitimate and her parents married young, so that’s another issue there. I like the part when she ponders! That’s it.

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