No need to like, but be good.

At times when we feel so stressed, we usually take comfort in being in an environment we are comfortable with. Usually, this environment is something we can relate to easily, an environment where you can be yourself. I understand that we live in a diverse world where cultures are different, and the breeding and formation we all receive are different. I understand this difference in culture, having had exchange program experiences and going from private school to a public university (Go UP!). This diversity makes us grow more because we learn more about ourselves by knowing who we are not. However, this journey of learning and development may be a bit painful and tough.

Along the way, we meet people who have different principles. One person may view me that same way I view him – different. However, the attitude we both project to each other may make all the difference. This is where breeding and formation comes in. It is how we approach this diversity no matter how contradicting it is to our own principles. It is how our values are tested whether we can overcome the difference by showing respect and being good however different they may be. There is no need to be mean just because they’re different. We will never really know how many people we also tick off and yet still respect us by being patient with us.


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