There’s something new about Red Roaster Bistro.

I’m still sick and I haven’t had this much medicine to take in a while so I needed some more comfort food.

Reg and I went to Red Roaster, one of our favorite spots in Katipunan because of the simplicity of choices – although I think we should really stop going to the same places to try new things. haha!

There’s something new about Red Roaster Bistro! For one, my favorite Roast Chicken Meal seems to be cheaper now. I can’t tell if the size of the meat got a little smaller but the roast flavor was stronger and better – it may be a little too salty for some. The rice proportion increased, if I remember it correctly.

Here’s what we ordered. It’s their Quarter Roast Chicken Meal at P100. It includes rice, chicken, gravy, corn and iced tea. I must say that the corn side dish complements the dish well and the water used for the iced tea tastes better now.

We noticed new stuff on the menu too! They now have pasta choices at around P120. If you upgrade it to P200, you can have additional sides with it like chicken fingers. Their new sandwiches looked good too but I felt like eating rice today. Red Roaster Bistro definitely stepped up with better ventilation this time.

Two thumbs up for Red Roast Bistro because their desserts looked so moist and delicious even though I haven’t tried them. haha!


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