First of the Many Lasts

I’m now looking at the last semester of my college life. It’s been five and a half years of successes and failures that I will surely cherish the most. It definitely beats high school memories because it is in college where I was able to redeem myself and explore new things about myself without hesitation and more confidence. Truly, it is in college where people bloom because it is where we are able to develop the skills we are good at. I am more than thankful that I was able to realize what I like doing at an early stage because I was given enough time to make the most of it. I have one more semester to cherish and look forward to. Though I hope I could spend it with my batchmates, I wouldn’t replace my Singapore experience even if it meant getting delayed by a whole year.

First, this sembreak is just what I was looking for. I know I’ve ranted a couple of times how I haven’t had enough break for myself ever since summer of last year where I spent it in Thailand, basking in the beaches of Phuket. The first semester that passed by was like a quick whirlwind that challenged me and my groupmates. There were a number of sleepless nights but I think it was less than what I expected since we tried not to procrastinate for once. Having this time for myself is just what I needed. Getting enough sleep. Eating good food here in the south. Experiencing the peace in the south I can’t find just anywhere. Swimming every day. Watching TV. Reading books. This is the life.

Second, I’m looking forward to December adventures. This year, the Christmas break is extraordinarily long where it begins on December 14, 2012 and ends on January 7, 2013. Hopefully, I find people to travel with before 2013 strikes because my Saturday classes won’t permit me to travel until March. Maybe Cebu?

Third, I’m really excited to break the record for UP CAPES JOBFAIR 2013. I’m ready and I’m focused. If you want to know what motivation is, THIS IS MOTIVATION. I’m super pumped up since forever for this. If I don’t get to break the record, then I would be really glad to just have done the best I could for my College 🙂

Fourth, I’m  looking forward for an epic 24th birthday. I’m not sure what I want to do yet but it would have to be another memorable event. I want to celebrate another good year with the people I love!

Lastly, I’m looking forward to achieving my personal goal which I will not mention until I know I’m near to reaching it. Actually, I achieved more than the target so I’m just hoping nothing comes up to hinder me from getting this secret goal :> Graduation would definitely be a sweet thought.


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