Writing to Resolve Conflict

I agree with the post that there are different ways to resolve a conflict and vocal communication doesn’t always work. I believe it is very important to know how your partner or friend best communicates his or her thoughts that will allow him or her to be objective about the situation. Oftentimes, at the peak of a conflict, there is a surge of emotions. Not everyone can control this so exploring various modes of communication is crucial.

Personally, when I’m in a situation when my emotions are clearly heightened, I need time to step back and keep a cool mind. I usually need time to think, to be tactful, so as not to cause unnecessary pain to other people. I’m quite straightforward at times so I need a clear mind when I’m at this state. When I communicate my thoughts, it takes me longer to put together something that needs to be said verbally as compared to writing something for that person to read my thoughts. Knowing this has worked its wonders.

About Mariel Tan

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