Lucky Parking Experience

I only started driving the middle of this year and I don’t get to practice as much when I’m at school because I just commute. Most opportunities for driving are in the south during some weekends when I go home, so driving is a big deal to me. I’m a very paranoid and anxious person so this is one of the things that is making me really crazy at the moment.

I know I’m not stupid but there are just times when you forget important things when you’re on the road and that’s a clear sign for me that I need to practice. It is when I am alone experiencing these mistakes when I learn the most. I just pray to God that I don’t learn the hard way and damage the car because I may not get any more opportunities to drive any time soon and that’s not good.

Last Saturday, I had by far the worst parking experience yet. Before I left the house, I internalized the whole thing so that things will go smoothly. Unfortunately, everything got haywire that I ended up going to one of the tightest parking lots. I was aware of this before I left the house which made it worse. My weird self was not following what my mind was saying probably because of my nerves as influenced by the Christmas traffic. I was very lucky that Kuya Guard freed up one of the spaces that originally had orange cones. Unfortunately, I found myself stuck parking in one of the most awkward spots where I was surrounded by motorcycles and I had with me a big car. It took me ages to park but I didn’t give up. I was just very thankful that God let this Kuya Guard stay in that exact spot to help me. He just knew what to do and saved me.

Going out of the parking space was one tough cookie too as I was beside a van that was hard to maneuver away. Thank God the Kuya Guard was there to wait for me. The other car waiting for me to get out of the spot was cheering me on too. I must say I was very lucky that evening even though it took me ages to get myself out of the situation. I tipped Kuya Guard because he truly made me a happy girl.

Life is good.

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