Back to Shape

Today, for the second time in two weeks, I was able to jog continuously and cheerfully for one hour. That’s about 9-10k. It was different today because it felt so good that I was able to do a good jog during the last stretch. I’ve been trying to get back to good shape for about two months now after a very hectic first semester of school.

It started out really painful where I could barely jog for 30 minutes without stopping. In the beginning, my motivations included Mimi’s voice telling me not to stop and me wanting to reach my most fit point just like before. Today, I achieved it and eating was just so joyful. I love food!

I really hope that I can sustain this until the Condura Run on February 2013 because I’m doing my first 10k with Reg, Eric and Monica. I’m really looking forward to that! I don’t want to just finish it. I want to enjoy finishing it. I’ll probably work on jogging longer or other sports next year. This is so exciting!

If I’m going to give any advice, it would be, “Do not give up.” Always fight the temptation to be lazy even if it’s so much easier to be lazy, slouching while watching TV. Trust me, I know, but there is a certain fulfillment you’ll achieve when you’re fit. Have the initiative and just do it! Don’t be stupid if you’re jogging on the road!

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