Take Me Back

I’m glad that I took some time to look around Facebook because I was able to stumble upon a friend’s blog of adventures. The entry I read was written by the guy she traveled with and he wrote it with pictures so beautifully that it inspired me. It ‘woke’ me up from this work trance that I usually get myself into when I get too engrossed that I forget myself. I love the work so much that I let myself get too exhausted. I realized that life is too short to stress. Just take me back to a place like this where I could just enjoy and stare at the sea as I drink my fruit shake, eat my potatoes and share the moments with great people.


I was hesitant to post the pictures with faces, but oh well!



It was a great trip to La Union last December 2012 and I want to remember it. We rode a 6-hour Partas bus trip where we were dropped off exactly at Lola Nanny’s. Lola Nanny’s is said to serve one of the best food in Urbiztondo area and is the mom of Luke, the famous surfer you’ve probably seen on the Ginebra posters. He handles the Billabong surf center, according to other blogs.


Prior to this trip, I don’t remember having great surfing memories where I actually had enjoyable rides so I was quite hesitant trying this again. It turned out to be a great surfing experience!! The kuya pushing my board was so nice that he even lent me his rash guard – quite weird at first. I asked him if he could push me during the whole session because paddling would kill my experience as I have weak arms. He pushed me and I had a lot of rides! My other friends were in another area so I was having sessions with many Koreans around me. It turned out enjoyable because they were awkward to me. The kuyas kept joking them too so it was good entertainment!



I love La Union because the community is able to maintain the pristine beaches even though many visitors and surfers come. There’s something about the place which feels pure and genuine. I love the fact that there are no rocks and weeds when I swim! My paranoid self feels like I’m getting cut every time there are corals around me.



The last time I was in a beach, that was in Phuket, I wanted this same guy to experience what I was experiencing. I’m glad that he was there this time.





I know where you got that shirt!!


It’s our French friend wearing cute strawberry swimming shorts! Seeing him that morning was truly a momentous moment. 🙂

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