Giving Back to the College of Engineering Staff

College Memory #1

When I was the Vice President for External Affairs in IE Club back in 2010, one of the best endeavors that my committee came up with was a tribute to the staff of the College of Engineering. My committee wanted to do something new, to make a new set of people happy who were close to our hearts – the staff of the College of Engineering who endlessly care for us students by maintaining the cleanliness of the building for our daily use.

With no hesitation, we made sure we were going to do something for them the Christmas of that year, however short the treat may be as our resources were also quite short since we were a non-profit organization. We treated them on a night of fun and games on December 3, 2010, the weekend before one of the most tiring weeks they have annually – the Engineering Week. It may have seemed like a normal party for us where we had games and party food. Freebies, furniture and medicine were given away but we didn’t know the impact of such an event until after years of being in Engineering.

It was because of that event that they know me and the members who shared that experience with them that evening. I will always be thankful that it was my time that we decided to do that. It’s surprising that they even know bits and pieces about my life whenever I see them in the bathroom or along the halls! Maybe before I leave, I can have a last hurrah for them. Living with my brother to stay closer to school has made me realize how hard their task is. We will always be grateful for the work they have done for us! I’m glad that IE Club has done a few more tributes after my year.

Something New - Jing-A-Ling Jan 14 2013


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