Fanning Sisters Remind Me of Achi

Oh, these two sisters are adorable! Not that my sister and I are like them but there’s something about this image that reminds me of how we are as sisters. We tried out different activities together like ballet and capoeira but had different outlook and attitude towards them. I took ballet more seriously while she took the latter one more. We were so different in personality that during the Batizado (when you are “baptized” in capoeira), they named us after food, which they don’t usually do. My name wasย Picole,ย which means “popsicle” or ice pop, while she was namedย Sorvete,ย or the ice cream on a cone? I’m not posting a picture so it’s hard to figure it out. HAHA!

Fanning_sistersI got reminded of these sisters after watching a videoย onย Nowness. Enjoy! I love the clothes featured in that short video.



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