Kids Forgive and Forget

I’ve been tutoring the same kid for almost two weeks now. For that span of time, it has been a roller coaster ride of emotions on my part. It started out really smooth maybe because we were both expecting it to be really fun and painless until I discovered her weaknesses and disciplinary issues – but then again I wouldn’t be hired it if weren’t for her. Now, it’s more of a semi painful ride as I try to figure out ways of getting her to learn in a fun way with uncertainty that she will make it. I still have to get to the point where I believe that she will do well. I need to get to this point because she might just reach a breakthrough moment like I did!

For the past few days, I’ve been really torturing her with multiplication. I’ve been giving her drills and making her recite multiplication tables 2 to 5. I can’t move on teaching her more complex problems without the foundation intact or else it will just frustrate me! I wish I could impart just a bit more of my perfectionist characteristic so she would at least practice more.

After all the torturing I do to her, even with her cousins watching her twirl in pain on the floor – she can be overly dramatic most of the time, she still gets to muster a smile at the end of the session. My afternoon started gloomy today so tutoring (okay, consider it “torturing”) was the last thing I wanted to do. I was wrong. It was tutoring that brought my spirits up just because of that kid’s smile at the end of another painful session. She just made my day. She even ran out of the room again just to say good bye.

I know that my tutee is learning a lot from me but I have been learning so much more myself. I look at her and I am reminded of the patience and understanding that I need to learn. I am reminded to let go, to simply let go – to forgive and forget because life is good.

Personal Musings - Kids Forgive and Forget Jan 22 2013


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