Wept for Les Miserables

Review - Les Miserables Jan 22 2013

My sappy self cried two solid times while I watched Les Miserables. Maybe I would have cried more if Reg weren’t there. I think my tear ducts got a bit shy beside him. I won’t deny that I’m only familiar with two songs with “On My Own” as the more popular one. I remember the first time I heard the song was in Dawson’s Creek then it also became popular in Glee. I haven’t read the book but I got familiar with the theme as we discussed about Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ National Hero, who supposedly had some of his motivations and inspiration for his books from Les Miserables.

I’m not well-versed with Film jargon so the opinions that will follow will have an amateur and Engineering perspective. I weeped because I love the story where there was the ethical dilemma on making decisions during very tough times. It makes me wonder what I’d do if I were in the characters’ situation. The movie was entertaining to me because I’m a fan of the cast so it was pleasant to watch. I may have heard better voice quality but this was good enough for me to watch infinite times more. Maybe some day, I can watch the broadway version.

The scenes of Anne Hathaway were very moving indeed. I felt for her when they pulled out her teeth. I wonder how long it took to shoot her very dramatic scenes before she got sick. This role shows how versatile Anne Hathaway really is as an artist because she was able to depict the dilemmas of a young mother with very difficult circumstances.


Hugh Jackman, I cried for you when you died! I never knew you could take a role like this.


During the first 4/5 of the movie, I found Russell Crowe unfit for the role. I thought the role needed someone with a stronger voice but when he showed regret at the end, I suddenly understood why he was chosen. A part of the character needed some vulnerability and that was what made him suitable for the role. This is for you with the cuddly voice!


The first time I cried was when Eponine was singing before she died. There’s something about these kinds of characters who have experienced unrequited love that I feel for the most. I think I could relate at some level? I was touched.


I am not a fan of Amanda Seyfried’s beauty but I found her beautiful in this film. Her high range is to die for! I wish I could sing just like her. They did a great job in making her really gorgeous for this film relative to her other films in the past. Cosette and Marius definitely pulled off the flirty scenes. It was entertaining indeed!


Watch Les Miserables!


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  1. This has the best ensemble of 2012, a classic story for the ages, and music that’s damn near perfect. Hathaway shines brightest. Good review.



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