The Discipline of Dance in Fitness

Flexible Days Jan 25 2013Gone are the days when I had high extensions, when I could kick so high that I’d amaze myself. Gone are the days when I could see myself fly across the studio. Gone are the days when I could split in any direction any time, whether I’m warmed up or not. These were the days when I was still taking ballet. I wish I were the person in this photo but I just got it off Tumblr.

I started ballet when I was 3 and quit when I was 15 with a 1-year break where I did swimming for a while when I was 10. Those years in ballet taught me discipline, respect, perseverance and time management. Though I missed out on the “childhood” they always say as I don’t know many kiddie TV shows and street games, I will never replace my ballet experience with anything. Because of ballet, I know I can do anything as long as I put my heart, mind and soul into it.

I’m trying to train for a 10k run next Sunday. I started my training last December and I think it was a good start until I got sick for about 3 weeks after the holidays. That’s 3 weeks of gradual training I could have gained but I had to rest, so going back today to jog was quite a struggle. I warmed up last Monday by doing a 35-minute run and today, I forced it to 1 hour. I’m not sure if I pushed myself too hard but it was really painful (mentally).

That’s difficult for someone who wanted to quit after 20 minutes, who had no Ipod to distract her and no other joggers around her. After the run, my thigh muscles became extremely painful that going up and down the staircase became difficult. I’ll try not to hurt myself until Sunday as I’ve been waiting for Sunday to come ever since December.

600332_403281456374234_1624395118_nIf it weren’t for ballet, I don’t think I’ll ever endure the pain of achieving something that is fitness-related. Jogging, most especially, takes discipline and a lot of initiative as you have to do it on your own. It’s not like ballet where my dad used to pay for it in advance so it kind of forced me to go to class during lazy days. For one, changing clothes to jog is something hard to do. Once you’re jogging, it’s another story when you want to talk about when you’re going to stop and how you plan to rest (no stopping!) during the run. It’s difficult but very rewarding indeed!

Though painful, I would like to thank some little things that made me survive the struggle today. First, thank you for the many dogs that barked at me while I jogged in our village. They woke me up many times today. Thank you to that little black pug sluggishly sitting by the gate and blinking lazily at me. It was so cute! Thank you to Mimi’s constant voice in my head that always tells me to never stop jogging. Thank you to ballet for giving me this discipline to keep going further. Thank you to my mother who made me a coconut-pineapple-apple shake after the run. Thank you to the available ice that cooled my face, knees and thighs. Thank you for the lots of white rice that welcomed me after I rested. I love food!

It’s supposed to be hard… but rewarding!


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