Listen To Your Crazy Self

Personal Musings - Crazy Self Jan 29 2013

Sometimes, we need to hear ourselves to know how crazy we’re getting. This is probably the reason why there are ‘listeners’ in this world. I, for one, know the feeling of having to listen to people rant all day but it’s a different kind of satisfaction when it’s our turn to rant. After all the anger has been released – best if done verbal – we’re just lucky if we reach the point of realization that we are indeed crazy. If not, better find patient and understanding people to listen to you.

There is no need to be angry. There is no need to worry. Things will just fall in place. If people make mistakes, then so be it. At least know that there is no way but up once they rise and try again. Be there when they need advice, but let go. That more time must be spent on smiling and thinking happy thoughts. Just enjoy the ride.

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  1. Well said. We should learn the art of letting go.



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