My Blog’s First Anniversary

Personal Musings - Blog Anniv Feb 6 2013

Happy Anniversary, Dolce Vita!

A year ago, I decided to join the WordPress community after a series of good reviews that I read about it. The reviews were right. I really love the community of bloggers because I can easily navigate on posts that interest me. The features are user-friendly that makes interaction with bloggers easy and quick. It’s not hard to change themes either because the options are just a few clicks away. Lastly, being an OC person, I love the functionality available that allows me to arrange the information on my blog that is available to the readers.

It has been a great year being able to share my thoughts through WordPress. There may have been times or months when I didn’t blog that much but I plan to blog more this year. My current blog theme is inspiring me to write more (HAHA!). I hope there will be more grid designs available. I’m not sure if I’m going to focus my topics on a particular theme because I enjoy the randomness but I would be putting more images this year though.

Lastly, I have truly enjoyed reading a number of entries this year. I’m following a lot of bloggers in the community right now. There were blogs that I eventually ‘unfollowed’ because my interests changed but hopefully I find more that I would like. There were so many entertaining and informative entries that I encountered! I love WordPress!


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  1. Happy First Annivarsary yo your blog 🙂



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