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Personal Musing - Time for Self Feb 11 2013

I have been enjoying these last months of rest and relaxation before I embark on a new journey – work. The last time, I had this much time for myself was back when I was in Singapore for my exchange program. Mind you, I was studying well for my subjects but I had a lot of extra time since I didn’t have my family or much friends to spend time with. I’m glad I took that program, because I now know how to appreciate times like this – time when you need to step back and find yourself.

I was a bit disappointed that my tutoring stint is over. It may not have gone as well as I planned but I am very happy that her mother has realized that she needs to spend more weekdays with her young daughter especially in these formative years of the child. With that stint over, I find myself stress free, removing the clutter and throwing things away.

I am now finding the time to finally do the mini projects I’ve put off all these years, such as the family scrapbook and my personal blog/journal. I know the photo documentation is now online but having them printed and actually designing them on my own makes it more special as it will give me time to contemplate as I reminisce the years that have gone by. I find contemplating and saying mental prayers very therapeutic. Try it.

I’m also going to build my fitness regimen as I don’t want to gain unwanted weight when I start working. Maybe it’s far-fetched but I hope I can discipline myself to exercise in the morning, like really early in the morning. I think it would be hard to exercise at night after work? Let’s just see. If there’s a will, there’s a way!

Lastly, I want to work on my spiritual life as it always keeps me on track whenever I go down the lonely road. Visiting Woodrose, my high school, and chatting with my mentor for a while last week brought me back to reality and the things that I have forgotten to think about. I’m just thankful that I’ve been surrounded with good people.

4 months left!

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