Therapeutic Defrosting

I feel domesticated. Usually, when I have so much time in my hands, I clean and organize my surroundings. Now that I’m in the condo, doing less than usual, I am finding time to clean it slowly, starting with my things of course, and moving slowly to the kitchen then the dining area. I’m quite hesitant to touch the dining area and beyond because that’s my brother’s turf and I’ve learned not to meddle to lessen conflict.

I’ve thrown quite a lot of stuff from my room so I’ve moved on to the kitchen area. There was one night when I felt obsessive compulsive that I washed some dark sensitive clothes by hand, defrosted our freezer and folded all paper bags and plastic bags. I’m amazed how I finished all of it in one evening but it scared me when my hands started aching and twitching because I usually overwork it. I can’t lose my hand!!

Personal Musings - Defrost Feb 12 2013So here’s a proof of the cleaned fridge. As much as it would have been easier to just let all the frozen ice melt away (the ice was so thick the freezer door wouldn’t close), I couldn’t afford the flood of water on the floor. What I did was, I turned off the fridge, found a fan to quicken the melting and religiously chipped off the ice until everything broke apart. I used my engineering skills to know which areas to tap so the whole thing broke off! Ta-da!!

You know I have time for myself when things around me start getting squeaky clean. I hope it stays this way for a long time!

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