That’s a quarter marathon!


It was an amazing run with Reg, Eric (my older brother) and Monica (Eric’s fiance) last February 3, 2013 at the Condura Skyway Marathon. I was able to run for 1 hour and 15 minutes over the skyway from Alabang and a bit beyond the Sucat exit. It was a spectacular run and surely one that I will remember. I had a moment of peace savoring every moment of the rising sun. Though I wish I had someone I knew running beside me in the end, I was just glad that I was able to complete the run… happy and fulfilled. The first half was really painful because the terrain was an upward incline. The second half was still painful because I was already pushing myself to my usual limit… but we did it.

A year ago, I would never have imagined myself being able to run as far as that. Until now, there are times when I can barely run for 15 minutes but I keep pushing myself because I know that I’ve done it before so there is no use whining and giving up. I push myself farther every time and this is where it got me.  I’m glad that we took that leap of faith and just registered last December without knowing if we’ll be able to do it. Thank you, Lord, for the good health and good company.

I realized that you have to dream beyond your dream so that if you fail a bit, you will fall nearer to your realistic dream. When you dream far beyond what you think you can reach, what seems far-fetched to others, becomes realistic to you. So dream big and keep pushing yourself. You will get there as long as you try hard. Well, there is a factor of timing but it’s not something you can completely control.

Next stop, 21k.

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Adrenaline is definitely a great factor during the event but good preparation will help you push that adrenaline farther in the race. I made sure I was able to run for an hour at least a month and a half before the run. My left thigh muscle was acting up on me when I was trying to train so I didn’t push myself because I would rather jog slow and make it to the end than not run at all because of an injury.

Enjoy the Run

My first real inspiration for running grew when I read the book, Born to Run. It taught me that running is not supposed to be a burdensome activity. You run because you love it. It is something you’re supposed to enjoy. Sometimes it gets really hard when the pain creeps in, but I just relax myself and smile. It gets better. It gets easier. I keep thinking that you’re supposed to be able to smile when you jog so that you are able to pass on the energy to others who feel like giving up.

Run Buddy 

Try jogging with at least one person. It really helps when you have a jogging companion because the person can serve as a motivator or simply a support especially when you feel like giving up. It is sometimes difficult to go through the pain alone and it is surely memorable when you grow or improve with someone.

Do not give up!

Don’t give in to the temptation of giving up. It feels so easy when you start thinking about walking when you’re really tired. Whenever this happens to me, I always remember my athletic friend Mimi saying, “DO NOT STOP!” She told me not to stop and to continue the jogging rhythm however slow I am going. Just keep going. It has worked wonders!

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