2 Broke Girls Makes Me Hungry!

TV Show Review - 2 Broke Girls Feb 18 2013I was a fan of Sex and the City and I am a fan of 2 Broke Girls!

The humor is quite dirty and they are hidden between the lines which makes the experience of watching the show enjoyable because you achieve a “light bulb” moment. You’ll have to understand the references to be able to enjoy what they’re trying to say. I’m the type of person who likes to watch TV shows over and over again but this isn’t the type of show you can do that with. Unlike How I Met Your Mother where the humor is both in the script and the mannerisms, I find that the jokes here are just in the script that watching it again won’t make me laugh because I already got the joke the first time.

I like the fact that they explore so many ways of how broke people deal with their situation. Being a practical and thrifty person, I enjoyed the new knowledge that I’m gaining. It explains the practices that have already become so acceptable, such as coupons and vouchers! I don’t like the part where they don’t pay their rent but I like the other tips they are sharing.

The chemistry of the two girls are fantastic! They literally showed the distinction of the two girls just by emphasizing the make up and clothing, apart from how the characters are portrayed. I have this feeling that 2 Broke Girls will have this weird twist in the end because these two girls keep spending too much time together. HAHA!! If I am right then it will be a great laugh!

2 Broke Girls make me want to eat! I love food so watching these kinds of shows make me hungry all the time. They make me feel like eating cupcakes. I wish I can try the beer batter with bacon drizzle cupcake. I’m still at Season 2, Episode 14, enjoying!

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