Clingy Weekends

Personal Musings - Clingy Weekend Feb 25 2013These past few weeks have definitely been memorable and fun. I never knew I could spend so much time with my favorite clingy buddy. Hey, I’ll call you a clingy buddy because you’re more than a best friend.

My clingy buddy and I have been exploring and attending various events these past few weeks. To name a few, we’ve gone to the first day of the PyroMusical 2013 at the SM Mall of Asia and just yesterday, we went to the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Clark, Pampanga. Though these kinds of activities require spending, an activity which I am not a fan of, I must say everything has been worth it. These past few weeks have made me realize so many things.

1. I never knew I could spend hours and days with anyone and I am very grateful for this time that has been spent with me. I used to wonder if I’d get bored hanging out with someone for hours as I’ve experienced boring times with some people. Now I know that all you need is good company and what seems like yesterday has been, in fact, two years already. Sometimes, I still wonder if we’ll get bored because my clingy friend and I don’t play games, cards, etc. But somehow, I go home and I never notice this. I will always be grateful for my clingy friend’s time.

2. I never knew anyone could survive my emotional roller coaster. I’m quite in touch with my emotions and I am not denying this. In fact, I enjoy these emotional moments because it makes me cherish both the good and bad times. These moments do not include tantrums but I cry or get teary sometimes when I’m really sad, or even when I’m happy. Not many people can understand or even withstand these types of situations but my clingy friend has!

3. Say what you need to say because life is short. Make someone feel good and special today.

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