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Personal Musings - What Joke March 7 2013

I hate jokes. I don’t enjoy these play of words that are not taken seriously in the end. I really take it seriously when someone talks to me to share his or her issues in life because it’s not easy for some to do so. I especially hate dry jokes. Some dry jokes are meant to hurt you first only to realize in the end that it’s just a joke. Come on. Though creative in a way, pick-up lines are interesting but I’m not a fan either. Oh, jokes.

I take words seriously because I enjoy its artful expression of feelings – and I don’t consider joke as an art. I am apologizing early on if I don’t find you funny because you just said a joke to me. This is why I enjoy reading, writing, listening to people and receiving letters. I especially admire those people who are able to write simply but in an artistic and even strategic manner as opposed to those who just use big words to impress its readers. I find there’s no use sharing your writing if most of your readers can’t understand your ideas.

I, for one, find mannerisms funny. Maybe this is why I enjoy How I Met Your Mother so much. Not only are the lines funny but they have funny facial expressions and mannerisms too! Mannerisms are things you can’t sometimes change or control in a person so I just find them queer or funny. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging anyone for that matter. I just enjoy these special things about people.

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