Off the Microwave

For health reasons, I have decided to minimize the use of the microwave. There are trade-offs such as more washing of pots and pans but then again I think it would have positive effect on my health, or so I hope. I feel domesticated having to cook or recook food for myself but I’m glad I have this chance to do it on my own because I’m learning a lot about myself and learning to be more independent. These step changes will be good for my transition now that I’ll be working in a few month’s time then eventually settle? I can’t dictate the future but I do know I don’t want to stay at my parents’ forever for my own good. But then again this is me living in a condo right now. Things will definitely change once I go back home when I start working.

2013-03-08 11.38.27_KarenHere’s what I made today! It’s my heart-shaped egg, Baguio beans in garlic and soy sauce, and garlic tuna rice. It’s my first time to make exciting rice like this. I hope I can experiment more next time. Every dish I make feels like a new masterpiece. It amuses me when I have so many ingredients to play with and mix together. This is me getting off the microwave! It can be done, so it shall be done.

2013-03-08 11.19.52_AnneOn a happy note, Reg and I found a heart-shaped egg shaper! I’ve been looking for this for the longest time. One bored evening when we had nowhere to go in the mall, we decided to go to the Japan Home Center and we found this! Heart-shaped eggs ❤

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