The Bold Cut

2013-03-06 15.01.36_Julia - CopyI finally did it, the bold cut. I have always wanted this hair style for myself but I couldn’t because there was no technology then. Would you believe that my hair is a work of both science and art? It’s a combination of various treatments, relax and Brazilian Blowout. Thanks to South Salon for this masterpiece. They didn’t “fix” my hair, they just changed it a bit. I would hate to say they “fixed” my hair because there’s nothing really wrong with it. In fact, I am a great believer of loving yourself the way you are so this is me just trying out new things. Hopefully, what they did will ease the growth.

IMG_3434So I looked like this picture above before I made the big decision. I’m not sure if my new look made me look younger but I do feel great and empowered! My practical self loves that it just dries for 5 minutes and that I don’t need to bring rubber bands with me. I’m just wondering how I’ll jog with the bangs.

How to donate it? I was planning to donate my hair to charity so I searched for beneficiaries all over the web. I had a lot of choices but after calling each courier that I could reach, none would deliver human hair (“body parts”). Oh well. I feel like that bunch of hair is curling up like a creature inside my closet. I wish I could just donate it. I’ll probably wait for someone to fly to the location of these beneficiaries.

Try a bold cut too? I think change is good. If it’s a mistake, then it’s a mistake! Just grow it out again. 🙂

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